Careers and The Law of Attraction

maxresdefaultMany people turn away from the idea of having a job that doesn’t pay or virtually anything that doesn’t benefit them right away. It’s no secret that we like instant gratification, but a lot of times, the best things come with time and perseverance.

What if I told you that you could achieve everything you want to?

What if I told you that you would be on the road to your ultimate goals right now if you just took actions that align with them?

Here is an example: I really enjoy writing, helping others, volunteering, and spreading positivity so I reached out to a foundation that raises awareness and funds for eating disorder prevention since that is a cause I am passionate about. I get to write blog posts for them about body image, health, issues in the media, and more, which I enjoy greatly because it combines many of my interests. While my posts get no more than 30-50 views tops, that doesn’t stop me from taking the time to submit posts regularly. I have learned a lot about myself and my interests in the process, made awesome connections with the staff, and reached people in a big way, even if the numbers were few. I could decide that it’s not really worth my time, but I know if I keep doing this and whatever else I can get my hands on, it will set me on the right path and bring me closer and closer to my goals. So I am not a registered dietitian yet and haven’t even been an undergraduate student for two full years yet, but I am still able to do something right now that directly relates to my future plans.

You see, whatever you put out into the world, you will receive back. If you are crystal clear about what you want, and do a series of small actions that relate to your goals, they will add up and take you one step closer to your desired path! If you remain positive, your goals will come faster – but it works the other way too.

Have you ever woken up late, then managed to spill your coffee, get stuck in traffic, and receive a parking ticket all in the same day? Negativity also attracts negativity, so try to stop yourself from a self-induced series of unfortunate events!

Make sure to keep your head in the game too. If you wake up every morning not believing in yourself and feeling sorry for being where you are…well that is no way to start the day and it’s not sending out a good vibration. Your thoughts and actions create your reality, so think and do in such a way that will attract everything you want.

If your goal is to travel the world, but you have never been out of the Midwest, don’t be discouraged, but you might want to get serious about this goal and get to it! Take a Spanish class, save money wherever you can (make a budget if you are really serious), befriend foreign exchange students, work hard, plan dream adventures, or consider studying abroad! Some of these ideas seem silly and most won’t ensure you get on a plane today, but do you see how it is better than nothing and that possibly an amazing travel opportunity could come from it?

If your goal is to work for a non-profit, I highly suggest getting regular volunteer gigs!

It’s all about the Law of Attraction. Hopefully by working for a great organization (regardless of pay), genuinely befriending a foreign student, or even just practicing what you preach on a daily basis, something amazing will come into your life!

I suggest getting involved and taking up any opportunity that interests you because each experience you have shapes your life and will give you a new view of the world and yourself. Plus, you can always learn something from anything….even if it’s “I never want to do that again.”

Written by: Career Peer Jess

Let us know: What specific steps can you take right now that will attract opportunities and take you one step closer to your goals?


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