How to Handshake: Engage

handshake logoBuilding your career is not a hands-off process. While sitting back and observing might sound enjoyable, it will not get you nearly as many opportunities as engaging in the process will. Engaging can be defined as participating or becoming involved in something. The Engage tab on the sidebar of your Handshake homepage can help you do just that. This tab is divided into Mentoring and Experiences.

The Mentoring program is an opportunity that Concordia’s Career Center is currently working on. Through the mentoring program, the Career Center will be able to match you with professionals in your field. Once this option is available, mentors will be able to provide you with career advice specific to your situation, as well as help you build your network and find career related opportunities. For more information email Bruno Surdo at

The Experiences button allows you to keep tabs on jobs that you have applied for and the outcomes that they brought. By clicking on this button you will be brought to a page with all previously declared experiences. At the top of the page are two other tabs, Applications and Report a Hire. The Applications tab will bring you to a list of all jobs or internships that you have applied for through Handshake. Each application will list the position and employer, as well as when you submitted your application and which documents you sent in. From each of these applications you can chose to create an outcome. Clicking this button will bring you to the Report a Hire page.

Under the Report a Hire page you can create experiences that you haven’t applied for on Handshake as well, simply by entering in the corresponding information. Whether the experience that you are recording happened through Handshake or not, you’ll start by selecting when the experience happened under Term. The next section will ask you questions about the employer, such as where they are located and their contact information. Following those questions will be a number of job-specific questions. These questions are all optional, meaning that if you don’t currently have the necessary information you can skip the question. The Supervisor section will allow you to enter your boss’s name and contact information. The questions under General are specific to internships; so if your experience is a job and not an internship, feel free to enter N/A into the corresponding fields. Once you have answered as many questions as you can, click Create Experience and it will be added to your main Experience page.

The very last tab on the sidebar is Other. Of the two buttons located there, Concordia is currently only using Resources and not Surveys. The Resources button will bring you to a page full of articles and features that the professional staff in the Career Center have put together. These range from a whole series on writing the perfect resume to information on prestigious scholarships, to setting up your social media in a career friendly way. Take the time to see what articles are posted and read through those relevant to you.

Written by: Career Peer Nicky

Let us know what you think: How have you actively engaged in furthering your career? What can you plan on doing in the near future?


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