Vocation: What’s My Major?

choosing a majorI started out my undergraduate studies as a business major with a psychology minor. When I answered the dreaded small talk questions of freshman year a million times I was beginning to notice a pattern in the reactions I got when I responded to, “what’s your major?” I would often hear “that’s an interesting combination” or “what are you going to do with that?” which was generally accompanied by an eye roll or a confused snicker. If they really weren’t impressed, I’d get a “well, you still have plenty of time to decide” or “you’ll probably change your mind a few times before you find the right fit.”

Okay, so these responses frustrated me as a brand new college freshman who thought I had the world figured out (yeah, I was one of those girls). Fast forward two years and I’ve changed either a major or a minor every semester since my first one. However, I didn’t change because business and psychology are a bad pairing or because I had no idea what to do with them. I really did have a plan. Each time something started sneaking up on me and nudging me to reconsider. Second semester of my sophomore year that something held nothing back and slapped me right in the face: vocation.

For me, it didn’t come all at once. I was gradually prompted to reconsider my plans and it worked like clockwork. When registration time came around, my friends and family could expect that Kacey would have a new plan, a new major, a new career goal, or some crazy new idea. It was fun, though. First came the switch from business major and psychology minor to a psychology major with a business minor. Jump ahead to the next semester and my religion class fascinated me so much that I became the newest psychology major with a religion minor student on campus. Then came spring semester and my introduction to communications class had different plans for me. A few laughs, tears, and meetings with professors later and I officially declared a double major in psychology and communication studies.

Alongside all of this liberal arts academic stimulation, vocation was working in my personal life as well. As I watched my family cope with childhood cancer and all of the physical and emotional toil that engulfed our world, I knew that I wanted to dedicate my future to working with families in similar situations. And here we are. I am currently studying psychology and communications with the intent of becoming a Child Life Specialist; working with long term pediatric patients to help them better understand and manage the experiences that surround them as they undergo numerous treatments and ride the roller coaster of good days and not so good days. You’ll be happy to hear that I have held this plan for over six months now. As we approach registration for the spring of 2017, I can confidently say that I will not experience another career crisis. I can extend all my thanks for this to vocation.

You see, whether you’re an incoming freshman or a graduating senior, you don’t have to have the world figured out. Keep searching, keep learning, and the answer will come with time, effort, and a few good breakdowns in your advisor’s office (this really helps- you’d be surprised). But really, trust in the process. Try out some new classes that may interest you and come check us out in the Career Center to talk through all those swirling thoughts. The best is yet to come.

Written By: Career Peer Kacey

Let us know what you think: Have you changed your major? What inspired your change?


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