How to Handshake: Explore

handshake logoOne of Handshake’s greatest features is that it gives you all of the tools that you might need to dig around in its database and explore all of your career options. On the far left hand side of your screen is a set of tabs and buttons visible from any page on the site. The first main section in this side-bar is titled Explore.

The Explore section houses the Jobs, Internships, and Employers buttons. Each of these leads you to a collection of data stored by Handshake. This section will come in handy no matter what season you are in. Whether you are looking for summer or school year employment, an internship, or a post-grad career, the solution will likely be located here.

Each of these pages functions similarly. Once you have selected where you would like to start, you will be brought to a list of positions or employers with a number of qualifiers for this list located on the left. The Jobs and the Internships pages look nearly identical. In the upper left hand corner is a search bar, followed by the options to show qualified only and followed only. By selecting show qualified only, Handshake will go through your profile as well as the information provided by Concordia College and will determine if you meet a list of qualifications provided by the employer. If this is the case then “You Meet All Qualifications” will be written in green by the posting. Choosing to show followed positions will display jobs or internships that you have previously selected to follow. Below that you have the option of selecting a desired location for the positions displayed. The final chunk of the side-bar gives you options to refine and filter the positions based on your preferences or needs.

Once you have selected a job or internship to look at, you will be brought to a page with further information on the job, including a longer description, possible pay rates, and expected responsibilities. In the upper left hand corner will be listed all of the qualifications necessary for this position and an explanation of what you do and don’t meet. Below these is an expiration date for applying and an option to apply right away through Handshake. Selecting to apply will bring up a dialogue box informing you on the employer’s application process. You will have the option to upload and share with them whichever documents they require, as well as visit their site to submit an application if they require it.

The Employers page looks very similar to the other two but with a slightly different function. Employers on Handshake might have multiple postings on the site, or might not have any yet. This tab will allow you to find Employers and companies that appeal to you, connect with them through the contact information provided, and follow them to stay up to date on their activity on Handshake. Similar to the Jobs and Internships pages, on the left is a list of qualifiers that you can use to refine the employers shown to you. Once you have selected an employer, you will be brought to a page with further information. This will include more detailed information on the company, as well as all of their contact information. Please note that this list will include all of the employers in Handshake’s database, not just those available through Concordia. If you find an employer that you would like to connect with but is not linked to the school, please contact the Career Center and we will link with them.

While exploring all of the jobs, internships and employers provided to you, Handshake will help you to find almost exactly what you are looking for in your current situation; Handshake also provides resources for building your career network through face-to-face opportunities. Check back next week to learn about Handshakes opportunities to Attend.

Written by: Career Peer Nicky

Let us know what you think: What kinds of opportunities are you currently looking for?


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